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Getting Started with AYLIEN Text Analysis API Using Python


  • Python

Getting the SDK

The easiest way to get the Python SDK is to use pip or easy_install.

$ pip install --upgrade aylien-apiclient


$ easy_install --upgrade aylien-apiclient

Using the SDK

The following example demonstrates how to calculate the sentiment of a simple sentence, and determine the language it's written in.

from aylienapiclient import textapi

text = "John is a very good football player!"
client = textapi.Client("YourApplicationID", "YourApplicationKey")
sentiment = client.Sentiment({"text": text})
language = client.Language({"text": text})

print("Sentiment: %s (%f)\nLanguage: %s (%f)" %
    (sentiment['polarity'], sentiment['polarity_confidence'],
      language['lang'], language['confidence']))